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What people are saying about Toye


Ms. T., Health Care Professional

Toye Johnson-Vincent gave me hope after my requested career development coaching conversation. I am at a point in my career where I am considering changing career directions. The current position I hold is not what I hoped it would be which is disappointing. I struggle with the idea of moving on because I do not want to be perceived as having failed. Toye was very intuitive as if she already knew my thoughts, concerns, and fears. After our conversation, I felt more confident about what I wanted to take place in my management career steps and my decision to move forward. At the same time, she coached specifically on how to manage my current employment situation and how to make the best of the situation until I decide my next steps. I walked into work the next day feeling more assured and focused on Toye’s coaching as I went about my daily work duties. Toye put things in great perspective in terms of focus and challenges of life which can become distracting and/or veer you off course. Although I’ve known Toye on a personal level for quite sometime, I’m convinced she is a career development-life coach professional who can steer you on track to reach your goals! I would highly recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent for anyone (individual-groups-speaking events) looking to improve their careers and their quality of life.

Samantha Robinson, Owner of She Perfects-Business Empowering Success Coach

My name is Samantha Robinson. I’m a Business/Empowering Success Coach. I am also the proud Owner of She Perfects. I had my first Empowering Women's Lunch & Learn on April 13, 2019. This was a very big moment for my business and Toye Johnson-Vincent, Motivational Speaker-Trainer-Certified Life Coach graced my event with her presences. She really connected with the audience and showed passion and strength in her speech! I have worked with many Professional Speakers and Life Coach's and she could/can run with the best of them. I thank you for coming to my event and hope that this venture between the two of us can blossom. I would recommend Toye to speak at any event.

Marianette ReFour,CEO of Mir-Image Etiquette and Soft Skills Development Company

Toye Johnson-Vincent, Motivational Speaker and Certified Life Coach spoke at Empowering a New You Event (Career Development and Professional Image Theme). The group of individuals ranged from teens to senior citizens! She wowed the audience with a mix of stories and techniques that proved valuable in today's world with regard to career and employment. Toye Johnson-Vincent displayed professionalism as expected, but more so as she addressed teens in the audience who were fully engaged throughout the process as their parents were also present. Her vast knowledge base in areas of career development and what it takes to build a successful career resulted in a round table discussion allowing the audience to share and learn from one another.

I would highly recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent as she not only knows how to captivate an audience, but she also works well with an audience of diversity.

Jackie Monroe-Robinson, Founder & CEO of SheBoss Unlimited (Dallas/Fort Worth TEXAS)

Toye Johnson-Vincent is a TRUE career development professional. Her expertise and passion for the industry are remarkable and can add value to anyone's life who has an opportunity to read her blog posts or hear her speak. I recommend Toye as a speaker for any event that aims to empower its attendees because that's exactly what she does. She represents the profession well.-Jackie Monroe-Robinson, Founder & CEO of SheBoss Unlimited


"It is always an extreme pleasure and honor to share our Skincare Talk Radio platform with Motivational Speaker, Toye Johnson Vincent! The information shared on today's podcast (#623) motivated the Skincare professionals and myself to navigate our careers to the next level! This was a fabulous topic and we truly enjoyed it! "Keep your career moving forward" was a wise choice in preparation for the new calendar year! Perfect timing! Thank you Toye Johnson-Vincent! Also, thank you for making the preparation of this podcast smooth! Your follow through and attention to detail so refreshing!". Continued Success to you! Cieloscent Host/Holistic Skincare Educator

KAIJA B.,(Recent College Graduate) B.A. Communication Studies

Toye Johnson-Vincent was instrumental with assisting and preparing me for my first corporate interview! As a recent college graduate, I wanted to be fully prepared for the position to which I was applying and Toye held a mock interview. The mock interview was not what one may consider conventional, due to the nuanced take regarding “corporate life,” (possible distractions due to client phone calls, or interruptions which may occur from other workers), yet it was an enjoyable experience. Toye has a strong background in human resources corporate recruiting. I recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent for anyone who may need assistance in preparing for upcoming interviews and/or career development needs.

helen james, risk management advisor

Toye Johnson-Vincent was a joy to work with. Not only is she a great motivational speaker, she is also very talented with assisting me with my business planning goals and objectives. Toye would be an excellent choice for your next business meeting, career development workshop, team building event, conference or theme event!


STEFFRON JAMES, AUTHOR (Champions of Justice)

Toye, Let me say again how much I appreciate you taking time out of your demanding schedule to add such value to our discussion as a round table panelist for my book, Champions of Justice on Sunday.  Your insightfulness enriched our dialogue and allowed a fresh look from a different perspective. Many thanks and gratitude!


Harold Sealls, Broadcaster

Toye Johnson-Vincent is a confident, competent, advocate for your betterment in business and in life. I highly recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent for events that require a Keynote Speaker! Toye is captivating, dynamic, motivational, and very effective with her style of communication. She's a true professional. She will undoubtedly keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation and encourage the audience to rise to his or her greatest potential!

Ramona B., Transportation Professional, New York

Toye Johnson-Vincent has been instrumental in helping me with career development strategies! I've been unemployed for a number of years and re-entering the workforce has been challenging. I've known Toye for many years and thankful for her reaching out to me while I'm trying to work through my career transition. I've learned a few career tips from Toye which I will utilize in my job search. I learned that one should NETWORK often whether you're employed or unemployed, how to respond in an interview when asked challenging questions and how to remain positive throughout the job search process. Toye Johnson-Vincent is a true energetic motivator who shows compassion and would be a great speaker for any event!


Jennifer C. Foxworthy,

Ret. Navy Veteran, Speaker/Author/Event Host/TV Show Host

I was very impressed while listening to Toye's podcast interview about networking. She is an amazing subject matter expert that offered great tips that every entrepreneur can use. Toye Johnson-Vincent would be an awesome asset to many speaking platforms.


L. Sykes,

Urban Planning Professional

I had the pleasure of listening to Toye Johnson-Vincent this past December (2017) as she helped me navigate my next life moves for the coming new year (2018). I reached out to Toye because I was aware of her effective speaking talent and the wealth of knowledge she has in areas of Career Development & Human Resources. As an urban planner professional, I must always have my pulse on dynamic communities that are ripe for growth! Once again Toye proved herself cognizant of those areas to look into. She also shared the human aspect encompassing how to take life to the next level with confidence. I was impressed by this but not surprised. This is why I highly recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent for your organizations conference that requires more than raw data. Get ready audiences, this ENERGETIC and FUN native new Yorker (Brooklyn) inspirational speaker will certainly knock your socks off at any venue!

Regina Williams-Watts

Business Owner

What a wonderful conference call with Toye Johnson-Vincent, Motivational Speaker. She is not only a powerful speaker, but a mentor helping me prepare for my January event. If you're looking to grow or need a great speaker she can help you do it! Make 2018 your best year!


Skincare Talk Radio Host

Toye's enthusiasm and expertise ignites the hearts of entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level!

Connie D.

Pension Consultant

I met Toye Johnson-Vincent while working in the human resources industry. Toye's position at that time was corporate contract recruiter. Toye has since transitioned to the role of motivational speaker focusing on career development and life skills presentations. Recently, we had a great conversation regarding career development and career trends. Throughout our conversation, Toye provided thought provoking insight on thinking like an entrepreneur, defining your brand, and marketing yourself. She especially encourages mid-career professionals to stay open to new challenges and opportunities, stay positive, and stay contemporary. In addition, she explained how career opportunities can appear unexpectedly and how important it is to be prepared! I found Toye Johnson-Vincent to be very knowledgeable and would highly recommend her to speak at your next conference or career event!

Shirley Bailey

Dress for Success Program Coordinator

Thank you Toye Johnson-Vincent for facilitating/presenting your Networking Skills workshop to our Moving Forward Class on August 8th, 2017. Through your presentation the women were motivated, encouraged and confident in their ability to attend networking sessions, job fairs, etc. They now know the importance of networking and are applying the skills you taught and practiced with them. Once again Dress for Success Tampa Bay thanks you for your continued support. We recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent as a Keynote Speaker, Seminar Speaker and/or Workshop Facilitator. Sincerely, Shirley Bailey

Wynnette Thomas

Founder/CEO Veteran Homes 4 Veterans

This testimonial is late but it is very much needed. I want to publicly thank Toye Johnson Vincent, Motivational Speaker and long time friend for honoring me at the Hometown Hero presentation held on June 8, 2017. I truly appreciate her going out her way thinking of me even though she couldn’t be present at the event. Toye's letter of acknowledgement was read to me at the ceremony and I wholeheartedly was emotionally moved by her written words! Toye has been my inspiration and motivation for me continue doing what I enjoy. I admire all veterans as Heroes and honoring them is what I strive to accomplish in my everyday activities. I continue to do this with passion and drive! In closing, not only do I admire Toye as a motivational speaker who I believe can motivate any audience with her engaging and passionate style of informing others but also for her dedication and ability to stay the course when she believes in something and most of all someone! Sincerely, Wynnette Thomas

Erin L. Tolbert,

President-Elect Insurance Professionals of Middle Georgia

Dear Toye, Thank you for joining us for our General meeting today for our local chapter of the International Association of Insurance Professionals. The Insurance Professionals of Middle Georgia enjoyed your display of passion for the topic of Networking. Everyone departed with the idea to “work the net” fresh on their mind. It is an always-welcome reminder that we should all do work that we love, even if are not getting paid for it, because success will follow. If you are ever in the Middle Georgia area again, please reach out to us. We are interested to hear more about your professional experiences that may benefit our daily business interactions. Sincerely, Erin L. Tolbert


Althea Battle
Lead Human Resources Partner

Toye Johnson-Vincent is an outstanding leader/mentor and has been instrumental on my career journey by providing great career advice and guidance. Toye’s passion for empowering women has been expressed through many of her speaking engagements and she is someone who goes above and beyond to provide the best service to her clients. I appreciate all that I have learned from her and would strongly recommend her for future speaking engagements.


Donald Hatter Jr.
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Sales & Marketing Consultant

I met Toye Johnson-Vincent after she delivered a presentation called “Networking, Making the Connection!” to a room full of professional travel agents. During her presentation it was clear that Toye was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring. She provided information that audience members could use, and apply immediately to their own professional situation. After several conversations, I continue to rely on her coaching as I advance in my career. Although I’m an accomplished speaker and author, Toye provides a unique perspective and additional insight on how to be successful in the public speaking profession. I highly recommend Toye Johnson-Vincent because I believe she is a tremendous resource for your speaker-trainer needs where career development, personal development and/or life skills are the focus. Regards, Donald Hatter Jr

Salman Bhatti
Conitunuing Education & Public Relations Chairman-Epislon Nu Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Georgia State University

We would like to thank you for being so courteous and having so much patience during this process. You were very professional and enthusiastic during each of our phone encounters. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to have you come in to officially speak to our chapter. On behalf of the Epsilon Nu chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, we would like to formally thank you for being such a pleasant person to work with. We would like to reach out to you for future events based on your professionalism throughout the speaker selection process. Again, thank you Miss. Johnson-Vincent!

Wynnette Thomas, Retired USAF (United States Airforce)
Veteran Homes 4 Veterans | CEO

Living the Light Ministries, broke the ice on our project “Veteran Homes 4 Veterans” It was my pleasure to invite Toye Johnson-Vincent to Warner Robins, Georgia as my Keynote Motivational Speaker to the Advisory Board Launch Meeting. Living the light Ministries is committed to housing at-risk veterans. This project work needs to be of the highest quality and we need the best people to help organize it. Being a nonprofit organization, a major facet of this project is networking. I was thrilled when Toye Johnson-Vincent, accepted my invitation to speak at this event! She was an asset to the organization by giving us a clear understanding of how and why we network. Her strong, powerful but sweet demeanor, her winsome manners, her honest and sincere direct approach and other endearing qualities left a fundamental impression upon us all. Any company embarking on any endeavors will be remised if they did not use Toye Johnson-Vincent to motivate and launch their projects to the next level. My Advisory Board is still speaking highly of this speaker and the words of encouragement that she bestowed upon us.

Anita Pagliasso
Conference Director

Toye’s presentation was highly motivational and appealed to our audience in a variety of different ways. She presented a number of techniques and ideas that appealed to our small-business travel industry professionals. Toye was personable, charming and confident, and clearly well-prepared. Her style, content and experience fitted perfectly with the agenda of our conference, and you left everyone feeling energized. Thank you for adding real value!